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Our service supports people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with common MS-related issues including urinary tract infections (UTIs)

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Are you living with MS? If you are living in a North and Central London borough such as: Barnet, Enfield, Islington, Haringey, or Camden, you could have free 24/7 access to NeuroResponse – a service providing personalised care for people with MS and enabling you to get your UTIs detected and treated quickly.
NeuroResponse makes it easier for you to get help with your symptoms and obtain antibiotics when needed by calling NHS 111 and could potentially save face to face visits with health professionals.
NeuroResponse has been designed with people and families living with MS to enable easy sign up and access and is working closely with NHS North and Central London boroughs to roll the service out across all regions in collaboration with the UK MS Society.

How can NeuroResponse positively impact your

Signing up with NeuroResponse has many positive impacts on health for people with MS and could help people with other neurological conditions in the future – empowering you to self-manage your condition, whilst giving you reassurance and reducing anxiety about care.
NeuroResponse reduces the need for you to visit local services, such as your GP, for suspected UTIs. It’s easy for you to sign up to, its 24/7 and it’s free of charge.
NeuroResponse is shown to reduce stress, increase peace of mind and increase confidence for people with MS and their families. The 2019 study commissioned by the MS Society in 2019 ‘Innovative Models of Care: Evaluation of NeuroResponse,’ demonstrates evidence on the accessibility, quality, and speed of the NeuroResponse service, as well as positive health impacts for people with MS.

What happens if I sign up to NeuroResponse?

Once signed up to NeuroResponse, all your personal information is safely and securely captured. You will then receive in the post, personalised QR-coded urine testing kits from our partner, the Doctor’s Laboratory.
NeuroResponse is linked to London Central West (LCW) – our NHS 111 call centre partners. When you think you are getting a UTI, you ring 111 and your telephone number will be recognised, and you will be put straight through to a healthcare professional trained in NeuroResponse for assessment and advice.
With your sample ready at home, the NHS 111 health professional will dispatch a courier to your home to collect the urine sample and take it to the laboratory to be fast-tracked for analysis. Within 24 hours, you will know if there are signs of infection and within 48 hours you will know the exact antibiotics that would work for you.
The NHS 111 health team will call you to discuss your results and they can also electronically send a prescription to your local pharmacy so you can start treatment quickly. And, because we care, we will call you again a few days later to make sure the antibiotics are working and help you further if needs be – including linking to your Neurology team or community teams. Finally, unless you ask us not to, we can share information of the episode with your GP, so they are up to date with your symptoms and treatment plans.

Where is NeuroResponse available? / Am I eligible to access NeuroResponse?

NeuroResponse already operates in Barnet and is working closely with North and Central London CCG (NCL CCG) to roll the service out across Enfield, Islington, Haringey, or Camden in collaboration with the UK MS Society.
To find out more about whether we are in your area yet or if you are eligible to access NeuroResponse, please click here to contact our Engagement Officers who can give you more information and guide you through the sign-up process if needed.

Please contact us to find out more out about NeuroResponse and sign up:
– Email:
– Leave a voice message on 0300 033 9690

NeuroResponse: expert care for people with MS

Founded and run by Bernadette Porter MBE – who has worked within neurology care for over 25 years – NeuroResponse has a team of in-house clinical and patient experts who help deliver compassionate, person-centred and expert care for people living with neurological conditions.